Physical Therapy

 Whether you have been in pain for years, battling a new injury, or simply looking to stay active, Tidal Performance is the place for you! At Tidal Performance we will diagnose the cause of your pain and work with you to address your specific limitations and return you to your activities!

Dr. Sarah Laudone’s goal as a physical therapist mirrors her lifestyle belief:
to live life to the fullest and help those around you do the same.

At Tidal Performance we take a personalized approach to your care and dive deep into the root causes of your pain. Our individualized treatment plans inspire patients to perform to the best of their abilities, whether that is living pain free, increasing mobility, or strengthening for performance and competition.


myofascial decompression is used to promote blood flow to a specific area, helping to promote healing, aid recovery, and reduce pain

Dry Needling

a sterile needle is inserted into muscles, tendons, ligaments, or close to nerves to reduce pain, decrease muscle tension, and increase mobility

Functional Movement assessments

determine limitations and provide programming that improves flexibility, strength, speed, mobility, or power

Graston technique

instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization effectively and efficiently addresses lesions and fascial restrictions, improving patient outcomes

manual therapy

hands-on soft and deep tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, stretching, and traction address physical restrictions and promote healing

normatec boots

compression of the legs increases blood flow, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the area to assist in recovery and performance

Conditions We Treat

Conditions we treat include but are not limited to:

Ankle Pain


Hamstring Strains

Hip Pain

Lower Back Pain


Neck Pain


Overuse Injuries

Post-Operative Care

Shoulder Pain

TMJ Dysfunction


Do I need a referral to schedule an appointment?

No, Massachusetts is a direct access state, meaning you do not need to see a primary care physician for a referral before seeking out physical therapy.

Do you accept my insurance?

Tidal Physical Therapy and Golf Performance is an out-of-network (cash-based) provider, this allows us to provide a higher quality, individualized care by a doctor of physical therapy and allows us to not be tied down by the restraints of insurance companies.

What does it mean that you're a cash-based practice?

Tidal Performance was created to focus on each individual patient, with the goal of achieving a pain-free, active lifestyle without the use of medications or surgery. Being cash-based allows us to eliminate the restrictions of insurance companies. You’re are able to seek high-quality, individualized care, that prioritizes your specific needs.

Can I get reimbursed for my visit?

Possibly! Most insurance companies have a claim form on their website that you simply print out and submit along with your receipts and treatment codes that will be provided by the physical therapist each session.  The amount you are reimbursed will be dependent on your out of network benefits.  

Do I have to be in pain to seek treatment?

You don’t have to be in pain to seek a physical therapist!  We are trained to find impairments before they become a problem. Not a golfer? That is ok too, we are here to help you get back to whatever it is you are passionate about! We can help you prevent future injuries as well as exceed in performance on the course and in life! 

How long is treatment?

You will have the undivided attention of a Doctor of Physical Therapy providing hands-on techniques and a tailored exercise program for 60 minutes. This model lends itself to faster healing and less time in physical therapy, which is more cost effective in the long run. In a traditional clinic, you’d be seen 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks, spending only 20-30 minutes with the doctor, until you are passed along to an aide or left to individually complete your exercises. This outdated practice will not happen at Tidal Performance.

Golf Performance

Dr. Sarah Laudone is Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified. She is uniquely qualified to assess a golfer’s capabilities and how their body functions in relation to their golf swing. An evaluation can identify physical impairments such as instability, lack of mobility, or weakness in the core, then the appropriate exercise program based on your unique findings.

Success Stories

Sarah has been doing body work for me and my strength and mobility have improved significantly. I get a great education about my deficits and ways to improve them.


From the first initial consultation, through to the completion of my rehabilitation, Sarah was amazing, not only did she explain the WHAT and WHY she was going to do, but she listened to me, and adapted treatment to suit my needs and ability.

Reading the patient and knowing exactly what is needed, is one of her many strengths.

Every visit was a pleasure, and I even looked forward to going. Sarah gradually and methodically increased my strength and mobility through targeted stretching, massage, scraping, strength building and general exercises.

During my routine Post Op appointment with my surgeon, he was amazed at how well everything had healed and progressed, the range of motion, mobility and strength, in such a short period of time. This is ALL down to Sarah, and the amazing program and her application.

Months after my treatment, Sarah still reaches out to me, and asks how I’m doing – what PT does that?? – Sarah does, as she not only treats you, but she cares too..

I would have NO hesitation recommending Sarah to anyone, she is definitely the “BEST”, and would be my first point of contact for anything regarding PT and rehabilitation treatment.

Stephen h.

Sarah could not be more knowledgeable & professional. We’ve met twice so far and when I walk away I cannot believe how improved and wonderful I feel. I highly recommend you take advantage of her experience and education! I’m so happy she’s helping me.

Anne f.