Golf Performance

Move better, play better, live healthier

Swing Assessment

identify how a swing is connected to impairments such as instability, lack of mobility, or weakness

golf Performance

provide sport-specific programming to improve flexibility, strength, speed, and power

injury recovery

assess the causes of aches, pains, sorenesses, and injuries related to the unique demands of golf

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, Sarah Laudone, DPT, can help you take your game to the next level. Understanding how a golfer moves is a prerequisite for effective training and treatment. Rather than guess what you do, we assess what you do – quickly identifying the key areas that are holding you back from playing your best.

Body-Swing Connection

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

This 60-minute evaluation focuses on a 16-part golf-specific screen that can identify how specific swing characteristics are directly connected to physical impairments such as instability, lack of mobility, or weakness in the core of the Body-Swing Connection. You can expect a systematic biomechanical breakdown of how your body moves and education on how it relates to your golf swing. An individualized exercise program will be created and tailored based on these findings.

The Body-Swing Connection has been built on data from over 18 years and 100,000 golfers at the Titleist Performance Institute.

are you a golfer interested in elevating your game to the next level?

man swinging golf club


Having poor mobility can lead to deficiencies in movement and contribute to poor swing mechanics. Increased strength and mobility can lead to increased head club speed and more distance, something every golfer wants.


Stability refers to the ability of a player to contain the center of gravity within their base of support. Having a stable foundation makes swinging much more efficient and effective.

Motor control

Motor control is one’s ability to accurately perform an intended movement; i.e coordination. One may have the strength and/or flexibility to perform a certain movement but lack the ability to coordinate the motions. Good motor control is important in golf because it helps to dissociate – or separate – the upper body from the lower body; all while maintaining the correct pelvic posture during the golf swing.


Power often requires a good foundation of mobility, stability, and motor control. When maximized appropriately, all three come together to create more power during your golf swing.

Success Stories

I began my physical therapy sessions with Sarah complaining of very limited rotational flexibility in my neck, stiff shoulders and upper back, and tight pectoral muscles. As a golfer, these limitations on producing a smooth golf swing had a profound effect on my golf game. Sarah is a golfer too and knew exactly the kinds of treatments, manipulations, and exercises I needed to get my swing back and increase the flexibility where I was so tight. The results measurably improved my game. Greater rang of motion in my neck. Greater rotation in my shoulders and better posture during my swing.

Brad D.

My son was referred to Sarah by his golf instructor to help improve his swing and alignment. I’m beyond impressed with how Sarah has improved my son’s mobility and core strength. She is deeply knowledgeable in human movement and is able to break down exercises to be manageable for my teenager with absolutely no workout background. We are currently in our second round of private sessions to help get him ready for high school tryouts. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone looking to improve their golf performance. She customizes the workouts to fit individual TPI results from the initial workout session.


Sarah did an amazing job helping me through recovery after a major shoulder surgery! She pushed me hard to fast track my way back to full strength through a well thought out rehabilitation plan. I was back to regular activities before my expected timeline and back on the golf course before I knew it. I would highly recommend Sarah for any injuries and post medical procedures!

Cody L.